Technical Skills

Naval Combat System

  • Interface development

  • Automation technology


  • Integrated engine control system S/W

  • User interface development and virtualizing-based next-generation naval combat system design

    · Design of virtualization-based system

    · Development of user interface for a virtualized naval combat system

  • Test automation technology for high reliability

    · Development of S/W log debugging tool

    · S/W verification through end-to-end path test of the naval combat system

  • DDS/SDN for a real-time naval combat system

    · Real-time SDN-based DDS system for data distribution between large-scaled nodes in a distributed control system

  • Integrated engine control system SW for system automation

    · Propulsion/auxiliary system simulator for test

    · Design of integrated engine control S/W

VM Setting window of HA/FA

Function map of a management program for high availability cluster

Structure of log auto-gathering and real-time analysis tool

Class diagram of Agent program

Class diagram of Wather program

Wather window

Conceptual diagram of high availability cluster management system

Schematic diagram of propulsion system simulator