• Design of Metaverse-based exhibition colloquium

  • Personal avatar, customized service, and high-quality exhibition

  • Real-time meetings and keynote speakers, and seminars in Metaverse

  • Exhibition booth, video watching service, and experience services

  • Service for customers

    · Searching service which supports words including synonyms and multiple keywords

    · Purchase service in Metaverse platform

    · NFT service that provides proof of ownership of digital creations and profit sharing

  • Contents for education in the industry

    · Education content based on actual smart factory and equipment modeling

    · Metaverse-based education service and Learning management system(LMS)

CREATIVIA demonstration screen

KIT building 3D modeling

Corporation exhibition booth

CREATIVIA exhibition example

CREATIVIA exhibition example

CREATIVIA exhibition example

LG U+ 5G exhibition booth

Smart factory modeling