NSLab develops core technology with IT experts to lead Metaverse technology and provides it to customers

NSLab is developing the technology to guarantee the increasing demands of Metaverse-based technology.

Main Business Area

  • Metaverse platform and contents, and 3D modeling

    Hyperreality Metaverse space modeling

    Personal Idea, service, content, and avatar

    Advanced research and development using other users' shared items

  • Research and development of Metaverse-based technology

    High-performance Metaverse service based on network-based developing

    Advanced technology development funded by the National R&D project

  • International cooperation for Metaverse

    Open the free CREATIVIA, Metaverse platform, for international cooperation

    Organize the International workshop on Metaverse every year

    Sign the MOU with international univ./corporations for international co-working