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  • Utilizing the CREATIVIA platform,
    we are taking the lead in building
    a customized metaverse for consumers.

  • PUREWALLET provides a safe and
    convenient payment system in an environment
    with less internet infrastructure.

  • Purechain is a blockchain ecosystem
    that seeks to solve decentralization, security,
    scalability, and gas costs.

NS Lab Co., Ltd. values supporting differentiated and advanced technology through communication with customers.

NS Lab Co., Ltd will show a new space for you.

NS Lab Co., Ltd. supports technical solution utilizing Metaverse, Blockchain, and AI.

  • Specialized in AI/Fieldbus/UAV solution

    NS Lab Co., Ltd. welcomes cooperation with you for a new future.

  • Connection of real and virtual

    A new space created by NS Lab, we will dream together with you and
    create a better world

Business Area


    Realize a virtual world where a user can use
    the service easily and comfortably, and
    improve quality through steady management

  • Blockchain

    NS Lab Co., Ltd. provides offline payment
    and safe services in an environments with
    insufficient internet infrastructure

  • Technical & Educational consulting

    NS Lab Co., Ltd. Provides technology
    consulting service to meet customers’ needs based on years of R&D experience


Check out NS Lab Co., Ltd.’s efforts and technology to promote innovation through R&D



place 806, Industrial-Cooperation building, Daehak-ro,
Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea

call 054-604-7160~1

email nslab@nslab.tech