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[Metaverse_Paper] Real-time Deep Learning-based Scene RecognitionModel…

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URL : https://www.dbpia.co.kr/journal/articleDetail?nodeId=NODE11047405

Authors : Judith Nkechinyere Njoku∗, Amaizu Gabriel Chukwunonso∗, Jae-Min Lee†, and Dong-Seong Kim

Abstract : 

Abstract—Scene recognition is a type of image recognitiontask essential to the success of Metaverse applications. Previousworks have focused on Scene recognition tasks for real-worldenvironments. However, it is crucial to establish scene recognitionmodels that can be applied in Metaverse applications. This paperapplied two Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) models: Sim-pleNet and AlexNet, to automatically recognize Virtual scenes.The models are trained on the Scene15 dataset of real-worldscenes and tested on virtual-world scenes. The models achieveda test recognition accuracy of 50.96% and 78.08%, and a test timeof 50.00ms and 10.00ms respectively on 7 different categories ofvirtual scenes.Index Terms—CNN, deep learning, metaverse, scene recogni-tion, virtual reality