[DDS_Paper] Design and Implementation of a Real-time Monitoring Tool for Data Distribution Service, IEIE Transactions on Smart Processing and Computing, vol. 7, no. 4, pp. 264-270, 2018 > Publications | NS LAB 

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[DDS_Paper] Design and Implementation of a Real-time Monitoring Tool f…

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URL : https://www.dbpia.co.kr/pdf/pdfView.do?nodeId=NODE07525300&googleIPSandBox=false&mark=0&ipRange=false&accessgl=Y&language=ko_KR&hasTopBanner=true

Authors : Joong-Hyuck Cha and Dong-Seong Kim

Abstract:  In  this  paper,  we  propose  a  monitoring  tool  for  the detection  of  middleware  errors  in  smart data distribution service (DDS) for a naval combat system. Naval combat systems are based on  smart  DDS  and  include  various  equipment  and  applications,  such  as  monitoring  tools, search  radar,  and  communication  equipment.  Because  of  this  configuration,  if  there  is  a  communications  problem  in  a  wartime  situation,  no  equipment  can  respond  quickly  to  the  battle.  In  this  paper,  we  analyze  the  problems  in  middleware  by  utilizing  Smart  DDS's  Data-Centric  Publish-Subscribe  (DCPS)  and  Real-Time  Publish-Subscribe  (RTPS)  layers  to  expedite  communication  problems.  Existing Smart DDS application tools exist but are not suitable for urgent wartime situation because there  is  an  unnecessary discovery  process  for debugging. The  proposed tool utilizes  the  discovery  process  of  the  DDS  and  the  interface  of  the  DCPS.  Because  of  the  simulation,  the  proposed  monitoring  tool  can  reduce  the  time  required  for  problem  detection  and  provide  data  for  error  resolution as compared with existing debugging tools, thereby improving the recovery performance of the naval combat system.